Monday, April 27, 2009

Some pictures from the last couple of weeks

This boot is actually a cake that Carolyn made for one of our good friend's, Courtney Ficken, for her surprise 30th birthday! Amazing!It's spring, so I raked some pinestraw for our flower beds. Our neighbor has a stand of pines that is pretty clean underneath, so I got it done pretty quickly. While Carolyn spread it, I did some weed-eating...which is how I avoided the poison ivy (yikes!). Carolyn is very allergic to poison ivy. It's all over her arms. This is the 'best' shot of her left elbow...
Living in the country, we get several 'pet drops' a year. People don't want their dogs and cats and just drop them off by the side of the road. On the way back from raking the straw, I spied these two hound pups running and playing in the middle of the road. We're currently trying to give them to a couple of Wesley staffers but in the mean time, the girls are loving them. Hannah carries them around with little grunts..."huh...huh..." SO ADORABLE!!
And Emmaleigh...the first thing she asks in the morning is, "can I go play with the doggies?" and she has to tell them "good night" before she goes to bed. Really need to get rid of these dogs!
A few Easter pictures...

And a couple of 'waking up' pictures.
Carolyn came in one morning and Hannah was very naked and very pleased with herself. She was laughing and jabbering and exploring her diaper!
And a proud Emmaleigh a few days later...she made her bed all by herself for the first time.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Leadership Interview Day

After months of planning and a few weeks of busy-work, our Leadership Interview Palooza was a HUGE success. 330 of our 370 Leadership students were interviewed in 8 hours. In years past, we've spread the interviews out over the month of April and its been all-consuming and overwhelming for our staff. So, we exchanged a hard month for a hard day--a good investment.
This is Bill and Michelle (two of our staff) who were integral in planning and executing the day. The papers in front of them are the stacks and stacks of applications, covenants, interview and evaluation sheets.

We had 20 stations set up for interviews, which were 20 minutes each.
Our main chapel was set up with a big obstacle course, games and snacks for fellowship. This pic was taken at before things kicked off (the room was more full during the day!).This will mean more to some of you than others, but I (for one) am EXTREMELY glad that the interviews were more timely...and are finished! It's been a really intense few weeks.