Sunday, December 21, 2008

So the trip to Jamaica was great. I'll have some more thoughts and pics when I get my camera back--the missionaries are mailing it to me since I left it in the back seat of their car when they dropped us off (yikes)!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

new in the biz

So, here we are after a long hiatus from blog posting and I can only appeal to my rookie status for the gap in posts! Pictures to come, but for now, here's some highlights from the last month.
Thanksgiving break was good...we spent a couple of days with my family in Macon, ripped the back porch off the house in preparation for laying the foundation (my guy is coming today to dig the footings!!), and had some time to rest. Which turned out to be a really good thing since the last few weeks have been absolute madness.

On top of end-of-the-semester stuff I had a research paper due two days ago for my one seminary class. You take a week with little wiggle room and add 20 hours to write a paper and it gets ridiculous really quick. Thankfully my gracious wife held down the fort despite pulling a muscle in her back just when things were getting hairy. We did Christmas shopping with the girls yesterday evening and as we looked around at all the other couples who got babysitters, we thought, "what a great idea!" The girls did great on a whole, but the tired/bored factor and packed stores made for an interesting time.

In other news, I help lead a mission trip to Jamaica for our freshmen each year. We do stuff in the schools and some simple construction projects. This year we had too many students sign up to take just one trip (105 is the trip total) so one group of leaders is taking 60ish to MoBay and the other group (myself included) is headed up into the rural mountain regions of Mandeville. That being said, since we're taking 40 or so to a place we've never been, Wesley is sending Carolyn, myself and Caren Dilts (another director) down for a couple of days next week to scout out the trip. I'll post pictures.

That should cover the basics. I'll make a solid effort at more consistent posts (Randel) so that those of you who keep up with it will be rewarded for your effort!